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The Giles Amateur Radio Association, Inc., located in Giles County Virginia was founded on May 10th 1992, an outgrowth of the Dismal Peak Repeater Society, Inc., which was incorporated on February 9th 1988. All hams are always welcome to visit this WebSite to find out more about amateur radio in our area.
The club helps to support the systems on Dismal Peak. The 2 meter repeater on 147.135 Mhz (+600), 100.0 Hz Subaudible Tone, belongs to Tom Mallory, N4AZJ. The repeater is located southwest of Pearisburg, Virginia. This repeater and others are co-located in a site which belongs to the Dismal Peak Amateur Radio Society, Inc. DPARS members include W4VT, N4AZJ, KE4JYN, KQ4Q, KD4BNQ, and KD4QDM. For more information on DPARS visit their web site at
The GARA meets every third Monday at the Narrows Town Hall on Center Street at 7:00 p.m. Both ham radio operators and the general public are invited to attend. Please call or email a club officer for information on upcoming programs and activities.
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Giles Amateur Radio Association, Inc.
PO Box 555
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